penzion na faře


Indulge in rest, burn excess fats, and strengthen your health. You can do all this in our infrared sauna for 4 people and sunbeds for relaxation. The infrared sauna provides its users with the joy of sauna at a relatively low temperature of 50 degrees. However, you will not be deprived of anything – with infrared heat you will relax, sweat, and rehabilitate the whole body. Infrared saunas are also an ideal solution for those of you who are prohibited from using the classic Finnish sauna due to health reasons. The beneficial effects of using an infrared sauna include muscle relaxation, relief of joint pain, reduction of stress and fatigue, support of blood circulation and cardiovascular system, burning calories, skin recovery, and overall support of the immune system. Our sauna is also equipped with a salt panel. You will be spoiled not only by the beneficial effects of salt therapy but also by the aesthetic impression of the “salt cave”.

Price list

240 CZK/hour (max. 4 people) (30 minutes in sauna + 30 minutes relaxing)


Reservations: +420 603 274 008