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Of course, massages must not be missed for the perfect enjoyment of wellness. As part of our services, you can choose from the following types of massages:

Vybírat můžete z:


A very pleasant and relaxing type of massage. It is performed with the help of relaxing and energizing touches of the hands and forearms. the massage has a strong spiritual effect – it will help you detach yourself from reality and focus only on yourself and complete relaxation.

This massage includes massage of the hands, upper, legs from the front, legs from the back, buttocks, back, and neck.

Price: 950 CZK/person  60 minutes (neck, back, legs from behind)


is a methodology of working with the body combining elements of acupressure and yoga. Despite the intensity and work with deep structures, traditional massage is not exhausting for the masseur or the person being massaged.

Effects of massage:

The therapeutic use of Thai massage is not limited to the musculoskeletal system. Excellent effects are on back and headaches, exhaustion, stress disorders, and psychosomatic problems. It also has good effects on panic disorders and fatigue syndrome.

Thai massage is not suitable for fresh post-traumatic conditions, patients with osteoporosis, and varicose veins. Caution and certain limitations of the kit are necessary for circulatory diseases and pregnancy.

Price: 950 CZK / person – 60 minutes (neck, back, legs from behind)

Massages are available at: Saturday 16-20 pm, Sunday 15-17 pm.

Massages must always be ordered in advance at +420 604 274 008.
In the case of individual requirements, we must always ensure the availability of a masseur and confirm!

You can also buy massages as a gift voucher for your loved ones.